Sunday morning riff on Art

Art — that atom of a word, meant to mean so much in human culture.

Art — that special object, imbued with actionable will of the spirit, gifted by the specialist.

uma by michael james hawk

uma by michael james hawk

Born into art history, the nascent artist must take risks which are real in economic and social tradeoffs, in efforts to find underpinnings and hand-holds to make artful messaging genuine and well understood.

A nascent artist feels restless somehow: that the messaging is important, that actionable visual joy must be made. A child will draw and doodle in automatic mode to learn about her intellectual learning to date, going for mimesis, humour, drama, punning, and for relaxation and emotional release.

It is utterly human to use one’s full mental and physical capacities to voice the existential moments of reality — art is humanity at high performance.

Art is appreciated and monetized and propagandized and usurped. It is the backbone to marketing and advertising and all the signification engines of and within culture. Art forms the bases of metaphor and meaning. Art is the medium of the philosopher and critic, the poet and the shaman, who recognize the temporality (surreality?) of it all.

To make art is to express your being, before you reduce your being to the fragmented taxonomies and far-flung models of all those persons trying (arrogantly) to define you.

Express your being. Witness the outcomes. Work with that.


Beacon Hill, Seattle USA

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