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po box 12133
broadway station
seattle, wa
98102 usa

michael james hawk
artist © 2010

all rights reserved

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michael james hawk

po box 12133, broadway station
seattle, washington 98102

born 1966, green bay, WI usa
married, father of 18-yr old daughter
resides beacon hill district, seattle, washington state, usa

currently focusing on: wire figurative sculpture, organic gourd-like wire lamps, hydrocal plaster figurative sculpture, clay set-ups for bronze figurative sculpture, modal-animated poetry films, acrylic painting, spraypaint abstract painting.


Seattle Academy of Fine Art, Monitor, Life Studies, Sculpture & Drawing, 2005-9.
Continuing student in Sculpture & Painting @ Pratt Fine Arts, Seattle.
New York University, master�s level training in computer science & business (accepted to Artificial Intelligence Honors, Courant School), 1991-1993.
University of Florida, BA, International Relations, 1989.
Member, International Sculpture Center, since 2006.


�La Poesia de la Muerte [Death Poetry]� was a commission of original video poetry for the La Casa de Artes arts group of Seattle, WA. The film played at:

+ 911 Media Arts, Seattle, WA ~ October 20 - 31, 2003.
+ Center House, Seattle Center, Seattle WA ~ November 1, 2003, as part of the Dia de Muertos festival.
+ Rosetta Hunter Gallery, SCCC, Seattle WA ~ January 20 - February 11, 2004, as part of the Simbolos Exposicion.
+ Synopsis television show, SCCtv Channel 28, April - June 2004.

�Violence Motif� was a modal poem published December 12, 2001 that explored the psychological programming of violence in American society. Frank Rich of the New York Times called the work "fascinating" in a personal email (October 21, 2002).

"The New Pledge of Allegiance" was produced for the MoveOn.Org Voter Fund December 5, 2003 as an excoriating critique of US president George W. Bush and his corporate supporters.

Lobby, Frontier Geosciences HQ, Seattle WA ~ February 2 - June 2, 2004. Displayed abstract painting series featuring a 60" x 72" playful childlike-drawn nude titled 'Platonic Graffiti [Homage to Amedeo]' a 48" x 48" Miro-esque impasto 'Modern Thought (x,y,z transform),' the richly red 72" x 40" multi-layered thatchwork 'Birds of Barcelona,' and more.

current sales:
Frontier Geosciences.
Solid Ground [formerly Fremont Public Association].
Studio Geomecha.