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po box 12133
broadway station
seattle, wa
98102 usa

michael james hawk
artist © 2010

all rights reserved

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it's funny how these change -- every decade the artist statement means something different, attuned to life experience.

the art is much freer now, wills to be more easily.

whether it be sculpture, painting, digital, charcoal, journaling, writing, or blogging, the meat of my art has a signature look and a clearly intended message.

the look -- definitively mexican-american, avian, hooked-eye, clawed, below the skin, inner self, naked, large scale, vibrant, dynamic from the center, moving, catholic, earth-bound, mythic, metaphoric.

the message -- the forgotten functions of art: utter humanism, deep fascination with this life inherited.

amidst all of the signs of marketing, television, highways, computer fonts, glossy filmic bodies, magazines, highly lighted objects, shiny automobiles, elongated missiles and aeroplanes, seamless unblemished surfaces, and violence, i endeavour to make grounded art, testimonial signs, provocative signs, less mathematical, less caffeinated, more human, of the body, up to date, intelligent to our dual knowing, faithful to our cosmos.

i offer new forms, relate old forms, make bridges, in this glorious continuum of art.

ah yes!

very truly yours,


beacon hill, seattle, washington state, usa
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